Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Happy Comeback

A Happy Return

After almost 3 months of personal time, I returned to the familiar place and faces of my then daily life - my Abenson HR family. 

And just like most homecomings, this one was a happy return.  

Thanks to this wonderful team who showed me their understanding support.  They who wished, hoped and prayed with me as I went through a personal endeavour and journey.   With their presence, I continue to keep a strong faith that God is preparing me up for something greater and bigger.  The cheerful smiles,  generous hugs and sweet surprises made the comeback a lot easier and happier than I thought.  :)

Thanks to these sweety-heads who work with me side by side each day -  Ron, Jam, Kaye, Ena, Hang, Via, Jehna, Beng, Marrie, Sheryl, James, Ria, Kate, Tonnie, Boyet, Nevs, Corine, Connie, Eb, Glenda, Avic, Bryan, Joel, Ronald (+ a name of our new guy to follow). 

I can't forget Ma'am Marian's motherly love for me of course. Siya talaga ang pangalawang Nanay ko. :)

I am all ready to hear the daily quirks, love-hate disagreements and even the noisy endless teasings!  I realized that a "day" is still different without you guys.

(I won't last a day without you?! haha)

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  1. keep the faith mare. we're always here for you