Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BookwArming? (meron bang word na ganun?)

My 2 months "Project Z*" leave gave me the liberty to 'work' on my books. (*A topic I opt to talk about at a latter time)

I have the habit of buying books even if I know I would probably just stack them on top of my shelf adding to the libraryish collection I have. (Read:  Magkaka-agiw at nakafile lang pero di nababasa).  Having many time to spare and as advised to have quality rest, I was able to grab the books and started reading, again.

Across time, I have found some favorites.   I usually read the self-help, leadership slash business books as I grow older.  Only recently, when I turned 30ish when I went back picking up literary fictions again.  Must be because of all the "day-dreamings" as I enter the mid-life-three-o.  To date, I have read 4 fictions of young authors. 

Today, I'm sharing my top picks for self-help. I'll do fiction after and leadership/business next, it's hard to choose! But mostly my influence is from John Maxwell and Francis Kong.

Top picks for Self-Help by far:

1.  Mars and Venus Together Forever - the first book used to be my favorite, but after getting hitched, this version serves me well the best.  This version tackles more on the lives of married couples.  Indeed, getting married is more than just putting a "-" dash in your name.  The quirks and the differences really comes full throttle after saying the "I-do's". I strongly recommend this to all married couples, newly weds or not.

2.  Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time and Women Never Stop Talking - I must say that this isn't too much different from Mars and Venus Together Forever, only the delivery is more candid and illustrative.  Practical examples and stories come in each page showing cartoon like drawings.  I think the authors who are married, thought of writing it this way to make it appealing to the "male" partners.  Males we know are more visuals and only a few (1%) as we know really has the interest in reading self-help books.  Got my hubby to read this book, he bought our copy in fact. 

3.  Kokology - Maybe because of the influence of my education, getting in to my personal psyche and other else's interest me a lot.  In the psychology world, many of the human traits begets from one's childhood beginnings and upbringing experiences.  The concept of Nature and Nurture.  This book is a fun way of getting to know the many "Why's" of the human mind.  It has series of situational questions answerable in multiple choice, form of illustration or identification.  An answer key unlocks the reason of each of your choice.   A very fun way of self discovery & understanding behaviors!  I read it with my hubby and close friends.  I try to keep it with the closest ones first. :)

4.  What Would Audrey Do? - In a world full of commercialism and fads, sometimes it takes effort to keep manners and good etiquette in tact.  Flipping a women's magazine though published locally would already open you to (we must admit) the more LIBERAL ways of thinking.  Literatures on topics which were once considered 'taboo' are now readily published in magazines that are very accessible to public, others even teaching procedures or tips.  Call me conservative, but I am still more confortable doing it old style.  Feminine yet with zest.   And who else would epitomize grace and femininity other than the icon of elegance and style, Audrey Hepburn. 

Am reading more and more SH books, I think I may be able to add more good reads in time. I am after all starting go bookWARMING again!

And there goes my 2 cents on Self-Help books.

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