Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lootbag: Purrr...Paalll

Yesterday, I received a "Just-Because-Gift" from my girlfriend Pizza (yes, that's her name) and her hubby Jayson.  No reason. No occassion. It's a just gift.  Happiness!

They decided to give me something they wish I'd grow to like..(like muna, pwede love after nalang?)

Purple and Pink Starbucks Thermal Tumbler

I missed buying one of the pink limited stocks last year and she even looked for one when she went to HK but we both weren't successful looking for one. I guess she remembered it and bought me this. Don't you just really love a dear girl friend?  

My favorite picture of Piz & Jay (yep, Jay is there)

Jay and Piz just celebrated their 32nd birthday this month, Happy Birthday to our dear-good-ol-couple-friend!  Love you both!

Thanks for the no-reason-at-all gift! And I know that that's a suhol to love The Purr-Palll!

For all the surprise thingies I suddenly receive, I'll name my entries of gratitude as A LOOTBAG! So this goes as my 2nd gift inside my lootbag. :)

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