Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lootbag: Bambino

Yesterday, we received our first christmas gift from Tito Jojo & Tita Ditsy Sumpaico after our DW. At DW, we usually receive tokens from them whenever we share a talk.

A Bambino!  Bambino is a child/baby representation of the infant Jesus. 

I have been looking for a perfect image of the Bambino for more than 3 years now but to my disappointment, I couldn't get hold of one that is smiling and whose hands are not raised to form the peace sign, as all other Ninos do.  Bambino is a represenation of the infant Jesus without the symbolic raise of hand. IT is when our Christ Savior appears to be very meek and innocent, seem oblivious yet to the mission He is about to face for whole of mankind.

I was taken aback when I opened the box!  So happy and couldn't believe I'm holding the actual Bambino that I have pictured in my head for quite some time.  I first saw an image of Bambino from an article I read written by Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez, at the time she was praying to conceive.  Her mother gave it to her after a pilgrimage and she held on to that image until their Juliana was born.   Hers I think though is bigger than this, and infant Jesus was a bit lying on his side but nevertheless, it's the closest image I have seen so far. The infant baby Jesus is smiling!

I can't help but smile.  A thought came to my husband when I showed him the Bambino.

A bit more, l'l itsy bit more.

Thanks Tito Jojo most especially to Tita Ditsy for choosing this token slash gift!

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