Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 32nd B-B-B celebration!

Wasn't back yet to blogging when I celebrated my 32nd birthday last August. So, I would like to turn back time and marvel once again on how I celebrated my natal day with some special people.

Celebrating birthday the "negrita" style
This year was different because it was the first time I celebrated out of town. I belong to a family who value old traditions, and that means celebrating special occasions over a simple dinner in a small group of family and friends.   My birthdays were always celebrated simply.  No regrets though, because I enjoy simple pleasures and I have gone past the age of staying awake until wee hours of the morning partying. Ang last gimmick ko, 2001 pa. First job days. Alcohol free for 10 years! haha! Now, a bottle of San Mig light is meant to be consumed for 3 hours. Marami pang yelo yan!

This year, I together with my hubby and our couple friend, Ron & Vinay, went to one of the most sought resort in our local country, Bellaroca!
Elephant shaped Bellaroca Island
(elephant facing right partially submerged in water)
 Bellaroca is an elephant island in the heart of Marinduque.  It was called an elephant island because it visually looks like one on a side peripheral view.  An illusion of an elephant's body dipped in water. And just like an elephant, this resort really had humongous offerings.  Every bit of the 3 day stay was all worth it!   Kulang ang 3 days!

The famous arc where Bellaroca got its logo
Bellaroca has the highest standard of service amongst all the  boutique resorts I have been into by far.   Hospitality, customer service, amenities and of course the breath taking view were all superb.  Food comes in way too pricey though, literally pricey.  But the 4 of us managed to sneek in some good food from our own baon.  Buti nalang may dala kaming Transformer na Ref! haha! This is one memorable part, thanks to Ron!

Though this trip was deliberately planned to fall on my birthday, my hubby and his bestfriend Ron was still able to pull off a surprise.  For one, my hubby isn't really fond of surprises, so this one also was a first. :)

With the super maalagang Bellaroca staffs
who served us during the semi-surprise dinner in one of the open terraces
(1:1 ang service!)

The birthday dinner was a part of the many beautiful things in Bellaroca. 

Here are a few of the others -
Infinity pool inside the Villa room
Road way up
One of the Alfresco areas

Massage areas
(At our back is a Koi pond)

And that was my B(eautiful) 32nd B(irthday) at B(ellaroca).

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  1. Looks like you've had a great birthday experience there. I'm so happy for you my dear. :)