Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 8: Favorite Color

My inclination to the color of femininity only came about when I turned 30.  Quite late for a girl/woman who by default chooses pink to be part of her wardrobe and other kikay personal effects.  Not me though, ah-uh. 

But now, yep!  I have come to love the color PINK. In fact, I incessantly junked to have a pink laptop.  Yup, I got it!  Much to my hubby's dismay. (Now, you'll never see Dennis use my laptop when we're in a coffee shop!)

Before this pinky-patootsie craze, my first love was the color, BLUE.

Which this little girl wore so cutesy,

And which I wore so dreamily.

Day 8 sporting the favorite color, TRUE BLUE. Check.