Monday, July 16, 2012

Using my Right Side of the Brain for 30 days

Sharing pictures has gained worldwide dominion over most of Facebook pages, and to most of us these snapshots are somehow the fastest way of sharing experiences - beyond words and illustration. We take pictures of almost anything to share with family and friends. To us Filipinos, picture taking has evolved from merely documenting special occasions or "Kodakan", to a more informal day-to-day "Pichur...Pichur!" :)  And now, picture taking has taken over our daily runabout with the convenience of our smart phones and digicams... taking pictures are now easy as counting from 1 to 3!
But have you ever wondered why pictures somehow always appeal more than any other information exchange?  Well, according to some studies, looking at pictures pushes someone to think beyond what they see. It is called Picture Thinking, some books coined it as visual-spatial thinking or learning.  When we look at pictures, the processing of the images passes through our right side of the brain, which is the part that is emotional and creative. That is also why creative people are called "right brainers". These are the people who are intuitive, expressive, emotional, music lovers and are fund of colors. (Left brainers on the other hand are those very good in linguistics, analysis, numbers & reasoning). Personal note to self: I wonder where I fall? Parang wala. Hahaha! In psych, this theory is based on what is known as the lateralization of brain functions. Where one part of the brain dominantly controls some specific function/s over the other.

 Brain in Colors
(grabbed from tumblr)
And since I have been in a profession where 'creative AHAs' are mostly restrained and where creative writing were limited to developing company guidelines and preparing employee infraction memos, I'd like to wiggle my brain a bit and challenge myself to do the visual kind of creatives.

For 30 days, I'll try to defy the use of my right brain to post as a blog entry. (Or an excuse to do blogging rather easier?) I'll try to organize info and be creative through pictures simultaneously and candidly! :)

I am challenging myself to this 'one-word' photo challenge instruction.

Hmm, it seems really brain stimulating!

Image grabbed from Pinterest

Am not a pro though, so my pictures wouldn't be 'Photography-mala-SLR' ang dating. :) Images taken really just for the fun of it at malaman if I have even a-little-itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie creativity in my brain! Hala, parang wala! Hahaha! 

 Ahmhexcited!! Hope you and I will have fun picture thinking!

To follow will be my posting for Day 1.

Ok, Grace ..... Right Brain, Stare!!!  (i love care bears!)

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