Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 3: Happiness

For people like us who are apart from family and living in a far away land...

Happiness tops when you see people you care most about,

And HAPPIEST when you see how happy they are seeing you too!

A fresh skype call from my folks on this gloomy rainy day in Surrey

I have regular chats and skype dates with my first loves above.  Thanks to Skype and unli-text, they just seem to be living right across the street!!!

One good thing about this migration thing is that my folks learned to embrace technology! Hahaha! Dati hanggang cellphone na QWERTY lang, now Mommy tinkers inside FB and has added touch screen phone in her vocabulary! :)

I have silly grins whenever I think about her that way.  Make way, Lola Techie! My mom's coming yah-way! :) Hahaha!

True happiness is in the simplest of things, and indeed are PRICELESS.
Love you Mom & Pops! 

Day 3 photo challenge graced by 2 moving & talking happy people in a square box from across the seas.Check.

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