Friday, June 15, 2012

Memories in a backpack!

all aboard! we're going to boracay!
(photo grabbed from blogger )

The song 'Leaving On A Jet Plane' is playing in my head.

Before we board the plane bound to this new territory where we are now, we had our last and final hurrah!

And we did it with our ever endearing and loving (whose funny bones seem to be compatible as much) couple buddies, the Vitugs or the Vs as I fondly call them!

This trip to Boracay was the best I had by far in this island.  The weather was perfect and we were able to hop beautiful resorts, and by beautiful I mean the REAL top ones..   But mind you, it didn't cost us as much.  This you can do if you have cost-savvy friends in tow, thanks to Mr. Champion.  You know who you are. :)

It's nice to be reminded of the beauty of your native land especially before going to a place which also has something unique to offer.

Mr. Sunshine decided to flash his energy with all his might, allowing us to make the most of our 3 day trip.  We seem to have ordered the perfect menu for a vacay: the cozy accomodations, prudent deals, hearty meals and the best company to boot!   Celebrating happy friendships and marriages always indeed are fun and having Ron & Vinay, doubled the fun!

This was our last domestic trip before going to Canada, and it was good to bring good memories in our back packs.  We are always looking forward to celebrations of love and one with the Vitugs are always well remembered.

Incidentally, Ron & Vinay celebrated their 1st year wedding anniversary a couple of weeks back, and though we weren't there to celebrate personally, I would like to let them know that they are well thought of and missed.  The memories of our trips, by plane or not are checked-in, it's in our back packs. :)

Ron & Vinay Vitug, the uncanny duo who
celebrated their 1st year wedding anniversary last May 28.
We wish you many more of marriage bliss!

We will see you soon Brad & Sis  so we can share more of our lifetime's love. 

We miss you!

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