Thursday, November 14, 2013

ORA et LABORA at Shh, tumulong ka nalang.


Taught and raised by the Scholastican congregation - putting value to PRAYER & WORK.

Give humbly. Others need not know what you do.

If you strongly insist on a thing that HAS to be done - GO AND DO IT yourself.  While some  opinions MAY be right and inadequacies are apparent, lambasting and playing "coach" won't save the Visayas  from their misery.  At this point,  it's better to be kind than right.

If you have nothing good, encouraging and inspiring words to say - then don't.  Seek first to understand. 

Better, simply pray for everyone and anyone who can be an instrument of change, may it be people in authority or lay men.  Heroes come in all forms, most often those that we least expect.

Please, for our country's sake, magdasal at.. (sabi nga sa social networking sites)


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