Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mabuti Pa Sila

Mabuti Pa Sila by Gary Granada

Mabuti pa ang mga surot, laging mayrong masisiksikan
Mabuti pa ang bubble gum, laging mayrong didikitan
Mabuti pa ang salamin, laging mayrong tumitingin
Di tulad kong laging walang pumapansin

Mabuti pa ang mga lapis, sinusulatan ang papel
At mas mapalad ang kamatis, maya't maya napipisil
Napakaswerte ng bayong, hawak ng aleng maganda
Di tulad kong lagi na lang nag-iisa

Ano ba'ng wala ako na mayron sila
Di man lang makaisa habang iba'y dala-dalwa
Pigilan n'yo akong magpatiwakal
Mabuti pa ang galunggong nasasabihan ng 'mahal'

Kahit ang suka ay may toyo at ang asin may paminta
Mabuti pa ang lumang dyaryo at yakap-yakap ang isda
Mabuti pa sila, mabuti pa sila
Di tulad kong lagi na lang nag-iisa

Mabuti pa ang simpleng tissue at laging nahahalikan
Mabuti pa ang mga bisyo, umaasang babalikan
Mabuti pa sila, mabuti pa sila
Di tulad kong lagi na lang nag-iisa


Pigilan n'yo akong magpatiwakal
Bakit si Gabby Concepcion lagi na lang kinakasal

Mabuti pa ang mga isnatser, palaging may naghahabol
Ang aking luma na computer, mayron pa ring compatible
Mabuti pa sila, mabuti pa sila
Di tulad kong lagi na lang nag-iisa


I chanced upon this song in my hubby's playlist a few days ago, it was funny how Mr. Granada used inanimate objects in the analogy of one's quest to find love and how simple companionship could matter so much.

There may be bitterness but there's a reality to it.

Come to think of it, in the scheme of things there really are interdependency or at the very least may need the presence of the other to be functional. Individually, it can serve their own purpose, but can bring out an entirely new meaning and use when put together. So do in human, and yes I agree with the song, especially in one's feeling of being needed and loved.

Thus I thought, in real life there are really people who up to the prime of their life, has yet to find a partner who at the very least could offer companionship and presence. Others could have met prospects but failed while others might not have the entire privilege to meet even one. Empathizing with them, I'm sure my words wouldn't be even enough to know how tough it could be. I honor them.

And so it brought me ... into APPRECIATING.

I looked at my husband and saw the other half God has perfectly timed for me.

I called my Dad and heard God's voice on earth fathering me.

I savoured my Mom's hugs and I felt God's warm touch protecting me.

I scrolled down my phone's emergency keys and saw my bestfriend's number and saw God's promise that I am never alone.

I opened my inbox and saw a girlfriend's message whom I share almost the same experiences with and saw God's tenderness and compassion.

There are moments in life when we think little sweats are unbearable but in truth it's not. I remember how I often am not appreciative of people and things I have around, slipping that once I didn't have it at all. It takes conscious effort to be reminded of these things but it sure would keep me grounded. Thanks to Mr. Granada for this funny but revealing song about life and love. One of the songs, that though not cheesy, has reminded me of how lucky I am to be surrounded with people whom I could love, and who actually loves me in return.

While ending this blog, our playlist is running "Happy to be stuck with you" by Huey Lewis. And I really am. I'm happy I have not just one but several people who keeps me sane. :)

Here's to hope that somehow, someway, everyone would get to have someone to share love in their lifetime. love! love! love!

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