Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cake for my Mom

I used to be so dependent on my Mom. When I was a kid, I remember crying my heart out every morning as I see her leave for office. And in the evening my eyes are all keyed up in between our gate waiting for her and my Dad to arrive so I could cling to her and hug her tight.

I love her smell, I soo love her “milky” scent. I bore my face in her arms and chest at every opportunity, it’s the place in our home where I feel most relaxed. I love my Mom so much. I don’t want to ever be away from her. I would do anything with her, I couldn’t eat without her, I wanted to bathe with her. I want to dress up with her and try her clothes. I cross the street only when her hands hold mine. I drink water outside the house only if my Mom would give me clearance too. I don’t talk to anyone unless I see my Mom does first.

She is my stellar. My light and my gateway to Nature’s entire offer. My Mom is my way to anything.

The affection I grew for my Mom was something one could say “reaping what you sow”. My Mom has given me all of her. All of her love, her time and all resources. Totoo ang kasabihan, na kapag Nanay ka na, “isusubo mo na, ibibigay mo pa sa anak mo”. That’s how she is to me. I felt my Mom’s unconditional love even during the inevitable “teen – age” years when one thought she could do away with anything and everything. My Mom has consistently shown her unrestricted care and taught me lessons I was glad to have learned from my own family and home. She is to me, a “Cory Aquino” mom. I vehemently deny though that I am a “Kris Aquino” Hindi du-bah?

My Mom made me love her soooo dearly, because she has loved me even more.

Coming to this age, where I can already do things on my own and decide out of my own discernment and taste, I remember my Mom and somewhat think if my Mom would do it the way that I do. At most, I think I did it her way. I got her taste.

Just about 5 minutes ago, she called me in the office and sheepishly said,

“Anak, wag mo ako kalimutan bilan nung cake na may kulot-kulot ha?”

Remembering what cake she meant, I grinned at the other end although she was not able to see and told her Ok, I’ll buy it right away.

Then it hit me, now, it’s my turn to make my Mom feel the way I have felt all these years.

If it would mean buying her ALL of the “kulot kulot” cake that she likes, then I’ll contract the Patisserie to make her dozen of it each day to make her happy.

She is pleased with simple things yet showers radiant love. My Mom gives away love (tatlo piso na nga minsan) and expects nothing in return.

She thrives in her simple joys.

This is the Cake she has found MUCH happiness from.

This is the family she has showered LOVE all these years.

Mommy, No amount of confectionaries can ever beat the way you have loved us dear. But for as long as it will make you happy, keep the requests coming.

I’ll be glad to buy you your “kulot kulot” cakes, for as long as your heart desires.

I love you Mommy Precy! Mwah!

Here's a picture of me and my Mom when I was a kid, one of the few things I like doing with her.hehe!

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